Bike Services

Basic tube change
- replace tube
- inspect tire for damage, debris
Comprehensive Tune-Up
- front and rear gear adjustment
- front and rear brake adjustment
- minor wheel truing on-bike only
- hub and bottom bracket bearing adjustment
- lube chain and derailleur pivots
- check/tighten all bolts where required
- air in tires
- full safety inspection
* Very dirty bikes will require a $5 wash prior to servicing
** Parts such as cables, housing, or brake pads are additional
*** Disc brake bleeds are additional
$49.95 + parts
Complete Overhaul
Includes Comprehensive Tune-Up, plus items below
- true/tension both wheels on truing stand
- re-pack both hubs and headset with new grease
- through drivetrain clean and re-lube
- exterior clean and lube of suspension components
- bleed disk brakes
* Parts such as cables, housing, or brake pads are additional
$129.95 + parts
Custom Bike Building
- professional frame preparation/facing
- complete installation of all components
- complete suspension tune
$99.95 + parts
Mountain Bike Super-Overhaul
- remove all components from bike and clean
- re-lube pivot bearings
- bleed disc brakes
- re-install all components
- tune gears and brakes
- re-build and clean front suspension fork and rear shock
* New cables and housing additional
** Fork/shock seal kits additional
$199.95 + parts
Suspension Overhaul/Oil Change
- disassembly of suspension
- complete cleaning of components
- re-assembly of suspension and re-installation
- changing of seals/wiper and installation of new oil
- any internal tuning alterations as requires
* Parts extra - seal/wiper kits, oil
$74.95 + parts
$44.95 + parts
Wheel Building
- disassembly of old wheel
- calculation of required spoke length
- custom build-up of wheel
- re-install parts (rotors/cassettes)
* Free spoke re-tension after first ride
$49.95 per wheel + parts
Bleed Hydraulic Brake
- includes brake fluid meeting or exceeding manufacturer's recommendation
- bleed brake system with new fluid
- cleaned brake pads and rotor as required
$19.95 for 1 + parts
$34.95 for 2 + parts

  • Shop rate is based on $75/hour
  • Any repairs in excess of 20% of quote, customer will be notified