Ski or Snowboard Packages1/2 Day1 Day2 Day3 Day4 Day1 WeekAdditional Day
Adult (14 and over)$27.00$35.00$68.00$95.00$120.00$195.00$25.00
Adult Performance$38.00$49.00$96.00$140.00$180.00$300.00$40.00
Junior (6-13 years)$16.00$21.00$40.00$56.00$72.00$120.00$16.00
Tots (5 and under)$10.00$15.00$28.00$40.00$50.00$80.00$10.00
Skis, Snowboards or Boots Only1/2 Day1 Day2 Day3 Day4 Day1 WeekAdditional Day
Adult (14 and over)$23.00$25.00$48.00$70.00$90.00$150.00$20.00
Adult Performance$30.00$40.00$78.00$110.00$140.00$230.00$30.00
Junior (6 to 13 years)$12.00$12.00$22.00$32.00$42.00$72.00$10.00
Tots (5 and under)$10.00$10.00$18.00$26.00$34.00$58.00$8.00
XC Ski Packages1 Day 2 Day3 Day1 WeekAdditional Day
Adult Classic (14 and over)$17.00$33.00$48.00$108.00$15.00
Adult Skate (14 and over)$25.00$48.00$70.00$150.00$20.00
Junior Classic (6 to 13 years)$12.00$22.00$32.00$72.00$10.00
Tots Classic (5 and under)$7.00$13.00$18.00$38.00$5.00
Misc.1 Day2 Day3 Day1 WeekAdditional Day
Touring Skis with Skins$50.00$95.00$135.00$295.00$40.00
Splitboard with Skins$50.00$95.00$135.00$295.00$40.00
Helmet or Ski Poles Only$6.00$11.00$16.00$32.00$4.00
Ice Skates$10.00$19.00$27.00$59.00$8.00
Fat Bike$40.00$78.00$115.00$255.00$35.00
Avalanche Gear1 Day2 Day3 Day1 Week Additional Day
Backpack Package
Includes: backpack, beacon, probe and shovel
Float Backpack Package
Includes: float backpack, beacon, probe and shovel
Float Backpack$35.00$68.00$100.00$220.00$30.00
  • 1/2 Day rental starts after 12:00PM
  • Rentals may be returned before 6:00PM on the due date or between 8:00AM & 9:00AM the following morning
  • Please note: NO PREBOOKING items are rented on a first-come, first-server basis